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St. Charles Psychiatric Associates

New policy regarding patients being prescribed a stimulant medication

Effective October 1, 2022 Our office is implementing a policy that impacts all patients who receive a stimulant for a treatment plan.

A $50 fee will be assessed to the patient’s account every 6 (SIX) months for a total of $100 for a 12 (TWELVE) month period.
The patient is responsible for the out-of-pocket cost. This will not be submitted to insurance plans.  We will need to collect this payment before your next stimulant refill. Please contact the office and make this payment. If you would rather not pay the stimulant fee, we will refill your medication for 30 days to allow you the time to find another provider to take over your treatment plan. As we understand times can be hard on some and you may not able to afford the stimulant fee, we will help in any way to insure a smooth transition to a another provider.

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